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Responsive Web Design

Over the years, web design is still a common service or features that most of the company look for it. Based on statistics, average a company will revamp their whole website layout between 3 to 4 years. This is due to the technology between few years has change so much. Example screen resolution, flash not supportive, loading speed and so on.

Yes! You are in the right website if you are looking for web design company. In Revotech Consulting, we are professional in designing your website. We have amber of choices for customer to view on. You can choose your template and we will modify the template to your requirement. Or we can built from the base to 100% completion. You name the requirements, we give you a definite solution.

One of the most important criteria when looking for web design company is the services of the salesperson. In Revotech Consulting, all of our sales personnel has been highly well trained to cater customer needs. We are dedicated to provide the best assist to our valued customer.

Often customer will prefer to go for a freelance to do their web design because of the pricing compared to a well-established company. Wait! There is a few set of questions that you should ask yourself before deciding.

  1. How well you know your freelancer?
  2. Do your freelancer can fulfill your requirements base on their skills?
  3. WHAT IF they give you empty promises just for the sake of getting the web design?
  4. If the freelancer disappear, who will you look for? What can you do?

That is the most critical set of questions that every consumer will look for. A well-established company solve all the queries above. You can confidence for your money invest! You know who and where to look for even though the salesperson resign. And be realistic, you pay peanut, you get peanut for the services you get. This happen to every industries or services.