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Social Media Marketing

Why social media marketing?

Visiting social sites is now the fourth most popular activity on the internet, just ahead of checking e-mails. Question is are you taking full advantage of this opportunity? The 5 Reasons:

1. Size
Facebook has over 500 million active users globally. On an average, 70-100 tweets happen by the second. Every second a new member joins LinkedIn. YouTube receives over 2 billion viewers each day. This is the kind of enormity social networking sites promote. Once you have decide to embark on social media marketing professionally, chances are, you will be communicating and promoting what you and your company has to offer to this massive community.

2. It is cost effective
There are different advertising campaigns or model that you could choose to invest on and make use of; nevertheless, social media marketing is still the most cost efficient. Here you donot have mounds of cost associated with paper, ink, and printing.

3. Boost website traffic
Social media is probably the fastest and easiest means of redirecting traffic to your website. When users are interested in getting to know more about your company via the social media profiles registered, all they have to do is click the link to your main website and they will be taken to your business website. What happens here is that prospective customers are being attracted to your site. This potentially increases traffic to your website and thus continues the cycle of revenue increase.

4. The virtual version of (word-of mouth)
Social media marketing campaign is a powerful means to generate more buzz about your brand. Many users are exposed to your product brands online and when they use this product, they are more inclined to tell others about it. More online conversations about your product will mean that there is a greater chance of more customers or simply visitors to your website. Some of the big brands like Coke, Ford, Dell, IBM, Burger King are some of the well known brands have powerfully used social media platforms to endorse themselves.

5. Attraction
Using social media marketing strategies you will reduce the possibility of what is called ad blindness. Traditional advertising methods, such as banner ads, are no longer as effective as they use to be; simply because users of the internet are no longer paying attention to them. However, this does not mean that social media marketing have to be your only marketing strategy. Using it alongside the traditional marketing methods will mean an increase in the volume of traffic to the website. Social media marketing, if well planned, implemented, organized and properly maintained, increases online branding, web traffic and ultimately, sales conversions.